Clean Sweep of Atlanta


Cleanliness is in our Nature.

Welcome to Clean Sweep of Atlanta, GA, your preferred provider of commercial street and parking lot sweeping in northern Georgia. We have served the region with parking lot sweeping and groundskeeping services since 1984. Clean Sweep takes pride in offering the most comprehensive site cleanup services in Atlanta. The benefits of professional street and parking lot sweeping include environmental stewardship and stronger brand image.

Eliminate Runoff in Waterways

Runoff from roads includes everything from diesel emissions to raw sewage. Whether you manage construction sites or work as a city planner, understanding the dangers of runoff seeping into waterways is critical. Runoff breaks down into compounds that can be hazardous and toxic and can be carried through our water source.

The fastest and most environmentally sound solution for runoff in Atlanta communities is street sweeping. For more than 30 years, Clean Sweep has improved the environment and minimized waste caused by runoff. Clean Sweep of Atlanta provides retail sweeping, road milling sweeping, and industrial sweeping for enterprise customers.

Choose Street Sweeping Services in Atlanta, GA

To request a quote for street sweeping, parking lot sweeping or facility maintenance services, contact Clean Sweep of Atlanta at 423-877-9192.